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Web agency located in Athens, specialized in designing and developing both web and mobile applications. We prefer to introduce ourselves as problem solvers. Our differentiation from other agencies is that we tackle each project with the same passion and devotion.

Dimitris Avdoulas

Web consultant developer
5 trivia about Dimitris from Manos
  • 01

    He can start working without taking a sip of coffee! I 'll never understand...
  • 02

    He can find the best algorithm but he can't use a screwdriver
  • 03

    He is so dedicated on his task that not even an earthquake can disturb him
  • 04

    In case we won't make it as programmers, at least he’ll still have his music band
  • 05

    He is a good fifa player (not as good as i am)

Manos Tsaparelis

Mobile consultant developer
5 trivia about Manos from Dimitris
  • 01

    Ηe can spend hours adjusting an image moving it one millimeter at a time (i couldn't tell the difference anyway).
  • 02

    Οne of the people that couldn't live a day without internet.
  • 03

    Ιf he wasn't a mobile developer he would be a great craftsman.
  • 04

    He watches, plays and talks about football. He is a true football lover.
  • 05

    He is a good fifa player (not as good as i am).

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